Prescription Costs

Prescriptions can be incredibly expensive to the point that getting the medication you need can be impossible. If your insurance company won’t cover a medication you need, or they do cover it and you still owe a significant amount in order to get your medication, here are two alternatives you can look into.


One is, where you can look up medication prices and get free coupons that you can use at many local pharmacies.



Another option is getting your medication out of Canada. We recommend using Northwest Pharmacy for this, and their website is You can look up your medication prices on their website and see if it would be less expensive. If you want to get your medication from them, let us know and we can print paper copies of your prescriptions to send to them, or we can fax your prescriptions to them if you give us your pharmacy account number.


NOTE: There are several risks involved in using a Canadian pharmacy that you need to be aware of:

  • US law doesn’t allow patients to import medication from outside of the country, and we cannot guarantee that you (or we) will not get into legal trouble for participating in getting medications from outside of the country.

  • Because of this, your insurance company will not cover any of the costs of medication imported from Canada.

  • Also, there are many websites that look like Canadian Pharmacies that are set up to scam American consumers and misuse their personal and credit card information.


Our office has successfully worked with Northwest Pharmacy in the past, but if you find another pharmacy you want to use, there are several precautions you should take before giving them any personal information.


Any pharmacy you use should be certified by the Canadian International Pharmacy Association (CIPA) which you can verify using the CIPA website at The CIPA also recommend several other criteria for determining a legitimate online Canadian pharmacy. Pharmacies should always:


  • require a prescription from your US doctor for all prescription medications

  • have a licensed pharmacist on staff for patient consultation

  • list the pharmacy address and phone number on their website

  • maintain patient privacy and confidentiality

If you have any further questions about a particular Canadian pharmacy, you can contact Health Canada—the Canadian equivalent of the FDA; their contact information is on their website.

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